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Business Consulting and Mentoring     

 Focused at Small to Mid Size Businesses     


Coached over 50 Businesses some had this to say:

Farid took us from working in our business to working on our business. This simple realization has helped us tenfold. It has allowed us to better organize, build, and manage our team. This has also given us the time to test and measure many of the systems and practices we currently have in place. He has helped us become better business people. Most small business owners have opened their businesses because they knew their individual fields well enough to try and make a go of it on their own but, lack the business skills to succeed. I wish I had someone like him in our corner when we first opened. Even with being in business almost 20 years, he has opened our eyes to new business practices and valuable marketing strategies, giving us a better opportunity to increase our business. - Kevin Hough President/CEO Kennesaw Auto Center, Inc. 

Farid has taken my business to another level.  By focusing my efforts on the Team-Time-Money aspects of my business, Farid has help me raise morale, efficiencies, and profits.  I would recommend Farid to anyone! - Scott Mowry President Premier Service Center Marietta, GA

Farid has help our business in a lot of different ways from marketing using different techniques and testing and measuring to see what works the best. Marketing a business is on going and changing always keeping at least 10 different marketing strategies working. Farid also has made me a lot more creative in my approach to increase business. Farid has showed me how to really read my P&L and understand it and how and where to make changes to get the results we want for our business. Thanks To Farid profits are up and headaches are fewer I would recommend Farid to any type of business looking to get to that next level.  Wayne Gunter,  President   Gunter Automotive, Inc.

Before I started working with Farid as my Business Coach, it was a daily struggle keeping things together. Going from employee to employer was a bigger step than I had imagined. Struggling with daily operations, I was always putting out fires, just running around chasing and fixing. I never had the ability or understanding to control things and stay focused on things that actually mattered until I started working with Farid. Bill Vogas President Midway Auto Repair.

It’s always a big challenge to bring a new invention to market.  Farid’s creativity, knowledge, strategic insight, and perseverance in keeping me on track made it happen!  Farid is not just a coach but a mentor and friend who has repeatedly shown he truly cares about the success of my business.  John Ivey

When I first met Farid I thought my business was doing well but I felt like I needed to make a change, I just did not know how or what to do, Farid helped me to learn how to operate my business and he has given me the tools to grow, he has also helped to get my team all on the bus going in the same direction, thanks Farid, Dave Craven DSR Electric Inc.

I thought my business was running well until I started working with Farid as my business coach. Farid showed me many things that my business should be doing and things we were doing incorrectly, and it has made my business grow. It is hard running a company but with a coach I always have a partner who is there for support, opinions, and someone to talk to when things are not going well. I have seen a huge difference in my cost of sales, profits, margins, and the number of transactions. I would highly recommend Farid. John Deaville - Deaville Construction

You want to get your business advice from someone who has the heart of a teacher--not someone who is in it for sales commissions, legal fees, their resume, or experience.  Farid is your man.  Your savings from avoiding expensive mistakes will pay his fees all by themselves--and that doesn't even count the extra revenue from his marketing advice.  If I had met him four years ago, I would have broken even two years earlier and saved 80,000 dollars.  Free business advice is the most expensive kind. Greg Tuve, President, Memory Genesis, Inc.

Farid has helped us to refocus our business. We have a new outlook on how to grow, manage, and take our business to the next level. Farid’s knowledge and business coaching methodologies shows us how to work on our business but not in our business while building and maintaining a commercial enterprise. Cassandra & Russell Jones---CassRuss Computer Solutions, LLC

Since I began working with Farid, I've begun to learn how to turn my Mom and Pop company into a vital corporation. He is helping me eliminate the chaos caused from not knowing how to organize my team and my time. I've learned that I can have a company that runs with my touch even when I'm not there. Hilda Abbot - Hilda's Special Occasions

Farid Ghalili has been instrumental in turning my business around.  He has specifically helped me become far more efficient, organized, diversified, and productive through the coaching and tools he has provided.  I unequivocally recommend Farid to anyone who wants to grow their business without sacrificing their personal lives. John Ivey

My business now has a strong foundation on which to build and grow. Being the 'boss' sometimes can be a lonely position, by having a business coach I now have an educated and insightful sounding board to share ideas. I have gained greater confidence, new clients, more profit and knowledge thanks to the Farid. Nanette Duffy, CEO Organized Instincts. 

Coaching program has been very instrumental in us achieving serious financial growth. The program has let me focus on transitioning our company from consulting services to call center operations. I have very specific weekly goals such as raising capital, achieving business development goals, creating a strong marketing/brand awareness program for our goods and services. Farid is an excellent coach; I think elements of his coaching are assisting me in building a solid foundation to grow a high-net worth company. Madina Ali, CEO, MSA Global.

The business coaching program has helped me out tremendously.  I have not only gained insight on ways to look at my business from a different perspective but have been able to apply the techniques immediately.  One example is using the daily retail sale sheet to track the existing and new customers.  Using this information helps me focus on where I should be marketing.  I also find by keeping a log off my daily activities (difficult as it is!) keeps me on schedule, which is a serious challenge. I feel that whenever I have any type of concern or issue that I may not feel comfortable with, I can count on using the tools and advice from Farid to guide me through. Maryjayne L Carter, President Sweet Ms.

Not all coaches are made the same.  When you work with Farid, you get knowledge and strategic thinking combined with years of experience.  If it wasn’t for Farid, my business would not be where it is today. Lou Ramous - Cartridge World of Kennesaw

Working with Farid as my Business Coach was the most important business decision I have ever made. Phil Lock - President of Advantage Electric, Inc.

Farid has taught us a more in depth understanding of business. We thought we knew a lot having been in business for over 25 years. But his methodology is very valuable and helps you keep up with the “pulse of your business. RJ & Asha Patel - Prestigious Cleaning Team

The effect that Farid made in my business and on my team has been invaluable. Steve Paul - President Structural Performance Construction

The coaching program has been very effective overall in my everyday business because my coach has given me numerous ideas to help bring in additional revenue to the business as well as focus the business in a strategic direction.  Farid has also helped me with ideas in regards to negotiating new contracts for clients and making sure I am charging the right thing for my services.  I believe the biggest impact has been in organization of ideas, strategic planning and direction, and marketing. Micheal Glass, President BeatDebt.

The coaching program has allowed me to step back and take a comprehensive look at my business in terms of time, team and money. Throughout the coaching sessions I have been focused on the areas in which I need to improve and the sessions have been highly effective not only for my business, but for me as well.  As a result of what I have learned I feel more empowered to undertake tasks that I would have paid someone else to do before my involvement in this program. I have learned so much as a result of being in the coaching program under Farid’s guidance.  His warm and easy-going manner used in working with people has created an atmosphere that has put me at ease during our coaching sessions.  As a result I feel free to talk to him openly and honestly about various aspects of my business and any subject.  It is indeed a blessing to have someone in which you are able to confide. In particular, I enjoy the way Farid talks you through situations by using examples and allows you to think and have an “AHA!” moment when this was something that you should have known all along. Linda Prysksi, President, L & L Concepts Unlimited.

I have received guidance that has led to practical application. As my Coach Farid has recommended strategies and solutions that have been immediately applicable to real time situations. So far, I believe the area of most value has been the development of the 5 ways plan for the business and the 10 x 10 marketing strategies. I believe that learning these processes will prove invaluable. I know for a fact that my business is exponentially benefiting from coaching.  Tammy Hurt, President, Outsource Events.

Coach Farid has encouraged me to think outside of the norm for my business industry, giving me an edge on corporate and mid-size competitors.  Coach Farid is also consistently guiding me to work on the business instead of in the business and teaching me to understand how to leverage my business with employees and business associates. For years I have been struggling to develop a marketing strategy to boost sales, and since I have started working with Coach Farid, it’s finally coming together.  I’m excited!!! Beryl Marsh, President, TMN Medical Supply Company.

The coaching program has impacted my business in several key areas such as Marketing,  Focusing on thinking outside of the box in regard to alternative markets to sell my products and services. I appreciate the level of accountability created between my coach and I. I had never had someone to be accountable to, I always had to be self motivated and work with myself, but Farid is a good listener and a great teacher. I like his style of teaching and I always leave with a list of homework to do. I know that any business person who is teachable could do exceptionally well with this style of teaching and coaching. Angelina M. Cortez, CEO, Kitty2Go.

Having Farid as our coach has given us very clear focus and pressed us to do the things we know we needed to make time for.  Farid has helped us with Systems and Procedures, Cash flow and made us focus on building the business. I feel that we will be more successful in the future because of the tools we are gaining from Farid.  Tracy Backer, CEO  B2 Entertainment Studios, LLC